Office Assistant

Answering Phones - Volunteers who help answer phones, transfer calls to Pastor, Ms. Nena, and take messages on behalf of the church. This vital ministry serves as the first point of contact for many people who reach out to St. Paul Lutheran Church. By answering the phone with warmth and love, volunteers make sure that every caller feels welcomed and heard.
Newsletter Assemblers - Volunteers who assist in preparing the newsletter for mailing/distribution. This ministry helps keep the congregation informed and connected through the monthly newsletter. By assembling and mailing the newsletter with care and attention, volunteers help spread the love of Jesus and keep everyone up to date on church events and activities.
Office Assistant - Volunteers who provide administrative support to the church office, such as copying, filing, and organizing paperwork. This behind-the-scenes ministry helps keep the church running smoothly so that other ministries can focus on sharing the love of Jesus with the community.
All of these ministries offer opportunities to serve and share God's love with others. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these ministries, please contact us for more information