Gratitude Luncheon Ministry 

The Gratitude Luncheon ministry at St. Paul is a dynamic outreach program that seeks to bring joy and gratitude to the local business community. The ministry involves delivering lunches to businesses around the community as a way of showing appreciation for their work and supporting local businesses. This ministry is a great way for members of the congregation to connect with the community and spread positivity. The ministry is always looking for volunteers to help with the preparation and delivery of the lunches, so if you are interested in getting involved, please contact the church office for more information.

     Gratitude Lunches is going to donate supplies for all three animal shelters and cookies for those that take care of them on December 12th.
     We would like to ask the congregation if they would like to help with any items. 
     The items needed are:  paper towels, bleach, dish soap, clump free cat litter, grain-free dog or cat food, Purina One dog or cat food, clean used towels or any monetary donation. Please have your items dropped off at the church by the December 11th.  If your donation items are too heavy to carry into the church and you would like help, or for questions, please call Val Urban at 989-356-4613.