Christmas Bazaar

To celebrate the season of Advent and the birth of Jesus, St. Paul hosts a Christmas Bazaar every year. This special event offers a wonderful opportunity to purchase hand-made items and canned goods, perfect for gift-giving or for treating yourself. Come join us for a festive time of fellowship and support our church community. For more information about this event, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank You! Thank You!
For Another Fantastic
Christmas Bazaar!!
¨ To the very talented decorators of the dining room and the entrance way.
¨ To the thrifty people who shopped and cooked our      delicious luncheon.
¨ To all the giving members of the congregation and non-members that donated the wonderful homemade items, crafts, yummy canned and baked goods.
¨ To the awesome servers and hostesses who did such a great job to make our guests feel   totally welcomed.
¨ To all the men, women and children who worked that day upstairs and downstairs.
¨ To the people who made      tickets, sold the tickets and put out all the advertising.
¨ To the energetic crafters who canned and the hard working crew of the sauerkraut makers.
¨ To the greeter at the door who smiled and went above and beyond the call of duty.
¨ To the friendly gentlemen who carried out purchases that day.
¨ To all our very devoted      members, neighbors and friends who came to shop, have lunch with us and support our church.
¨ To all the people who donated the one-of-a-kind items for our very successful Chinese raffle.
¨ To Pastor John for being there to draw out the winning raffle tickets.
¨ To the AMBITIOUS group who came at the end to help put everything back to normal.
¨ To the 100+ members who came and helped support the 2023 Annual Christmas Bazaar – MANY HEARTFELT THANKS ❤❤❤
1. Wooden Bowls - made by Rickie Kindt - won by Karen Kowalski
2. Christmas Tree Skirt - made by Sue Robb - won by Diana Donajkowski
3. Painted Snowman Window - donated by SOME CPAs - won by Anita Laub
4. Painted Mitten Window - donated by SOME CPAs - won by Audrey Worth
5. $100 Walmart Card -       donated by Joanne Huggler - won by Jackie Stanifer
6. Michigan/Alpena Crate -      donated by the Girl Scouts - won by Chrissy Schroeder
7. Quilt - donated by Grace Lutheran - won by Connie Frary
8. Horseshoe Cross - donated by Tom Stephan - won by Diana Donajkowski
9. $50 Cash in memory of Lori Ludwig – donated by Geri Wyman - won by Bronwyn Woolman
10. $100 Meijer Gift Card -   donated by Carol Kindt - won by Sue Fitzpatrick
11. Kid’s Table & Chairs - made by Bob Arthur - won by  Maddie & McKenzie Cramer
12. Indoor Decorated Chair - donated by Lori Ludwig’s family - won by Karen      Wekwert
13. Lap Quilt - made by Geri Hanson - won by Diana Donajkowski
14. Kid’s Cat Quilt - made by Ann Chadwick- won by Deb Werner
15. Raised Flower Bed - donated by Robert Kensa - won by Bob Laity
16. Afghan - made by Harriett Kelm -won by Lynne Budnick
17. Outside Table and 2     Gravity Chairs -  donated by Tom & Barb Bennett- won by Lisa Kendziorski
18. Wooden Framed Mirror - made by Gordon Zbytowski - won by Leona Habermehl
19. “Frozen” Themed Basket - donated by Carla Steinke - won by Cindy Szydlowski
20. Stuffed Ninja Turtles & Splinter - made by Gail Zbytowski - won by Nancy Smithem
21. Bird House - made by Sam Krey - won by Robert     Corwin
22. Throw Blanket - donated  by Myra Gapske - won by    Melodee Marceau
23. Quilted Centerpiece - made by Sue Keyes - won by    Carolyn Ritthaler
24. Game Basket - donated by Carla Steinke - won by   Debbie Matuzak
25. Oval Baking Dish - donated by Bonnie Gougeon - won by Jeff Newport
26. Home Interior Picture - donated by Sandra       Christopherson - won       by Robert Corwin
27. Quilt Project Set - donated by Barb Szczesniak - won by Janis Ludwig
28. “LOL” Themed Basket - donated by Carla Steinke - won by Gretchen Kruse
29. Shawl - made by Harriett Kelm - won by Jutta Olsen
30. “Star Wars” Themed     Basket - donated by Carla Steinke—won by Nena   Shipman
31. Hardanger Embroided   Doily—made by Linda     Kittle — won by Diane O’Connor
32. Christmas Tree Basket -     donated by Carla Steinke - won by Marty Cantleberry