6-13-2024- Chris Lozen gave the church a wonderful gift of her own creation. Her stain glass, works of art, will be distributed to others through the RACK M (Random acts of Caring/Kindness Ministry). She created these works of art from left over stain glass found at the church.  I thank God for this wonderful servant leader.
6-13-2024- Ryan stopped by for his daily visit.   He is really excited about his future.   He is going to see the WWE!  (Wrestling) Please speak with him about this event and keep him in your prayers.
6-13-2024- The 3M (Men in Motion for Ministry) gathered this morning for breakfast.    We spoke about how plants grow and thrive in the world and how the people of God seek to be nourished in faith in similar ways.   Come and join us every Thursday morning, 7:00 AM at JJs.
6-12-2024- The lost/gnostic gospels class is exploring our faith understanding and the faith of those who wrote these gnostic gospels.  Please join us or read them for yourself if you are unable to attend. 
Gospel of Philip – 3rd Century & Gospel of Truth – 2nd Century
You can find these writings at Gospels.net
6-12-2024- The Breakfast Belles gathered this morning and shared some wonderful insights on growth and harvest; what brings spirit to life within the church.  Come and join us on Wednesday Mornings, 7:30 AM at JJs.
6-11-2024- The Gratitude Lunch Ministry Team is doing amazing things in our community today.  We visited NEMROC and shared with them a meal and a prayer.   Please keep everyone involved in this ministry in your prayers.
6-11-2024- Thank you to Andrea and her hard-working crew who dedicated themselves to this ministry of blessing. Please keep these servant leaders in your prayers as they continue to serve throughout the week.
6-11-2024- Pastor John and Nena saw a need within the church, so they purchased a new wheelchair that is more accommodating.  Please use this item within the church if you have a need.
6-9-2024- New members of St Paul were invited to a meal today. 49 people gathered for a truly wonderful celebration filled with good food, conversation and the Holy Spirit.
Thanks to Cheri Fletcher for the beautiful plant and to everyone who prepared food, cleaned up, helped park cars and shared a story with someone new.
6-8-2024- Flower festival today in Alpena.  Celebrate the photo that was shared.  Myra is awesome. Celebrate the photos that were shared.
6-8-2024- The Littles Worship Center is getting some color to it today…thanks to Jessica and Jesse
6-6-2024- The S@SP ( Singles at St Paul) gathered tonight and we discussed forgiveness .  Then we went out to Thunder Bowl for something to eat and to share our own stories.  If you are single, come and join the faithful conversation next month
6-6-2024- Had a sacred visit with Dixie Weiler and Jean Connon today.   Please keep them in prayer.