news week of 5-26-2024

5-23-2024 - The 3M (Men in Motion for Ministry) gathered this morning, and we discussed heavenly things.  Come and join the faithful conversation.
5-22-2024 - We celebrate Jackie's Birthday today and her efforts working in the office each week.   Please wish her well.
5-22-2024 - The Breakfast Belles celebrated today. What a wonderful conversation about heavenly things. We also celebrate the music that continues to touch our lives. Women, come and join the faithful conversation on Wednesdays, 7:30 AM at JJs restaurant.
5-21-2024 - The Church Council met tonight.   Following the meeting Pastor hosted a time to gather and talk about life/share experiences.  Please keep these leaders in your prayers as they guide St Paul into God’s future.
5-21-2024 - Visited with Marge Hoppe today.  A wonderful time was shared.
5-21-2024 - Paige Borgeson, the leader of our Cub Scout Troop came by to receive a $250.00 check from the Trust and Endowment Fund.  Thanks to the Trust and Endowment Ministry leadership, the Outreach Committee and to the leaders of the Cub Scouts.   Please pray for our young people as they seek to do great things in the world.
5-20-2024 - The Country Chicks dancing at Turning Brook.
5-20-2024 - Celebrated the life of Emil Newhouse today. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.
Funeral Dinner Ministry team did an outstanding job today honoring Emil. Please keep the servant leaders who support this ministry in your prayers.
5-19-2024 - The S.A.L.T. (Sisters Abiding in Light & Truth) ministry leaders met this evening to discuss our small group ministry focused on younger women (18-45). We strolled through Duck Park, saw some deer, and then we went to the DQ.  If you are interested in being part of this ministry group please contact Rachel Techel, Danielle McDonald, or the church office.
5-19-2024 - Adventure Club event today.  Kick ball for all ages.  Fun, fun, fun.
5-18-2024 - The Stephen Ministry team is on display.   Please keep these servant leaders in your prayers.
5-18-2024 - Soul Sisters hosted an afternoon tea with the Forget Me Nots.  What fun
5-18-2024 - "Stitches of Joy," gathered on Thursday and the joy was celebrated in this sacred time.   Thanks to everyone who made this ministry come to life.
5-17-2024 - Fun night kayaking. We saw turtles, otters, and a beaver house. Fun was had by all. Join us next Thursday evening at 6 pm.